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Operating on an electrical motor connected to an on-board battery, an electric car could be a viable option for some motorists. During the early 1900s, electric cars enjoyed some short-lived supremacy in the automobile market when it outsold gasoline-powered vehicles. Cheap gasoline and the widespread adaptation of the Ford Model T ultimately defeated the electric vehicle ahead of the 1920s. Almost a century later, electric cars are receiving a thorough second look. Intent to combat greenhouse gases associated with fuel-burning automobiles, electric cars can also boast lower cost of operations since they run on electricity and do not require the same maintenance. In addition to attracting environmentally minded consumers, electric cars like the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3 have been providing an upscale luxury character to zero emission motoring. Despite promise in the technology, there remains a great deal of skepticism for electric cars. The leading concern with electric cars is the reduced driving range compared to gasoline-powered automobiles. While a Tesla Model S can travel up to 265 miles on electric power alone, most electric vehicles provide a driving range between 80 and 120 miles. For this reason, several car companies have created electrified vehicles with range extending gasoline engines. A second disadvantage associated with electric cars regards charging. Charging from 110 to 120-volt basic household can be very lengthy. For this reason, electric car buyers recommended to install a 220 to 240-volt power charger that could cost several hundred dollars for the unit alone. There is also potential in fast charging solutions that can deliver a large quantity of power to the battery in less than half an hour. The Nissan Leaf offers a quick charge port as an option. While electric cars are generally more expensive than gasoline powered vehicles, government tax credits are in place in many jurisdictions to reduce the upfront cost.

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