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A vehicle providing an open-air passenger cabin for traveling during good weather, convertibles provide the protection of a retractable roof when weather conditions turn unpleasant. During the early history of the automobile, convertibles were the only types of cars available. Today, it is considered an automotive lifestyle choice best suited for warmer climates. Though some convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 Miata or Smart Fortwo Cabriolet can be affordable, most appeal to luxury car riders and even performance car fans. Convertibles have long used a fabric roof consisting of several layers of material to shield occupants when needed. However, a growing trend has supported hard roof convertibles that feature much of the security of a fixed-roof vehicle while also allowing it to retract. With hardtop convertibles, added production are offset typically by storage space in the trunk area when the roof section is retracted since there is less cargo room available. This could make a hardtop convertible less attractive for anything more than a weekend trip. The increased structural components often cause the weight of the convertible to exceed that of a fixed-roof counterpart. The added weight and different aerodynamics caused by open top driving also results in slightly slower performance attributes for the convertible. In addition to convertibles that feature a retractable roof, some similar vehicles provide an open-air driving experience with a removable roof panel. Termed as a 'Targa' top by Porsche, these type of convertibles feature performance almost identical to a fixed-roof vehicle. The major inconvenience with a Targa roof is storage of the top when removed. In most cases, a convertible is adapted from a coupe or shares important characteristics with a sporty two-door.

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