Chevrolet Metro Models and Metro History

The 1998 model year saw the introduction of General Motors’ smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle to the Chevrolet brand line-up. Dissolving the Geo brand after 1997, the subcompact Metro was integrated with the Chevrolet car portfolio in 1998. For its first year wearing Chevrolet badging, the Metro underwent styling and mechanical refreshes. The front and rear fascia were given a look resembling other Chevrolet products including the Cavalier. The 1998 Chevrolet Metro came as a three-door hatchback in base and LSi trim levels or an LSi-trimmed four-door sedan. Engine power for the LSi models also received a major upgrade as the 1.3-liter four-cylinder powerplant receiving 79 horsepower. Offered as the base power on the 1998 Chevrolet Metro was a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. Generating a modest 55 horsepower, the three-cylinder powered Metro provided some of the best fuel economy offered by a gasoline vehicle in the United States marketplace in 1998.


The three-cylinder engine allowed the subcompact car to travel 41 miles per gallon in the city or 47 miles per gallon through highway driving. While the four-cylinder powered Metro sacrifices some fuel economy for more solid performance, it still allows the car to travel up to 43 miles on a single gallon of fuel during highway driving. Designed as basic transportation at a low price, many desirable vehicle features such as air conditioning, AM/FM cassette and anti-lock brakes were optional on the Metro. For what was the vehicle’s last year in production, the 2000 Chevrolet Metro was offered only as a sedan that included front airbags and air conditioning as standard equipment. After 2001, the Chevrolet Aveo replaced the Metro. After production of the Chevrolet Metro ended, the subcompact retained a legacy for its high fuel efficiency.

New and Used Metro Prices, Chevrolet Metro Model Years and History

A last remaining remnant of the ill-fated Geo lineup inherited by Chevrolet, the subcompact 2001 Chevrolet Metro is sold for fleet use, available only as a sedan.
The 2000 Chevrolet Metro is a little car with huge fuel economy numbers, 39 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway.
Highly affordable and very fuel efficient, the 1999 Chevrolet Metro is a four-passenger subcompact car that seats four passengers, is available as a hatchback or sedan, and gets over 40 mpg.
The 1998 Chevrolet Metro is an extremely fuel-efficient and affordable four-passenger subcompact car which is available as a hatchback or sedan, and gets over 40 mpg.