Audi Sedan Deals, Rebates and Incentives, November 2017

Latest 2017 Audi Sedan dealer incentives and deals

(Model years 2018 - 2016)
The A3 Sedan remains a timeless staple to Audi’s signature fleet of luxury vehicles.
Audi’s A3 Sportback e-tron proves that you can reduce your carbon footprint in style and luxury.
Audi’s timeless A4 sedan merges seductive styling with signature luxury.
Audi’s A4 allroad is a seductively styled compact luxury wagon.
The A5 has been redesigned for 2018 and delivers a new take on a fan favorite.
The A6 by Audi represents a timeless merger of luxury and refinement.
The midsize A7 is as sleek and nimble as it is luxurious, designed for the uncompromising driver.
The A8 L has carved a name for itself as one of the elite luxury sedans on the market today.
The RS 3 is Audi’s high-performance version of its popular (sport-enhanced) S3 sedan.
The high-performance RS 7 delivers everything you know and love about the A7, with a focus on speed.
Audi’s S3 takes everything that you know and love about A3 and supercharges it.
The iconic S4 gets a refresh for 2018, with some minor interior/exterior updates and new technology features.
The S5 Sportback represents the perfect marriage of luxury and performance.
The S6 was built for drivers who want unrivaled performance and luxury. It fully delivers on both.
The S7 offers power, luxury and looks all rolled into one.
The S8 Plus was designed to maximize comfort and speed. Its impressive outfitting is testament to this achievement.

Year-after-year, Audi has been gaining a greater foothold in the luxury sedan market thanks in large part to their popular, available quattro all-wheel drive system. Through October, the full array of 2016 Audi sedans are available with special incentives for new brand customers. The special incentive ranges from $750 for the A3 Sedan and S3 Sedan to $2,000 for A8 L or the S8 plus. Best financing available to approved customers consists of 2.9 percent APR for up to 66 months is offered on 2016 A3 Sedans, A6 as well as the sport-themed S3 and S6. A finance term lasting 75 months is also available with those sedans for a still tempting 3.9 percent.