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(Model years 2018 - 1998)
The Armada is appropriately named, reflective of its massive size and extensive set of standard features.

With their sport utility vehicle lines, Nissan has shown a history of catering to both the off-roading crowds as well as to urban families. Nissan's crossover-based utility vehicles include the sharp Rogue and the upscale Nissan Murano. For decades, the Nissan Pathfinder represented the brand's commitment to a truck-based sport utility vehicle. Since 2013, the Pathfinder has been constructed on a crossover vehicle platform similar to the one found with the Murano. Since 2005, the Nissan Pathfinder has been offered with three rows of seating. Remaining committed to the off-roading suited truck platform is the Xterra. The massive Armada sport utility vehicle on the Nissan Titan boasts big V-8 power and interior accommodations.