2017 Tesla Motors Deals and Incentives

Latest 2017 Tesla Motors deals and dealer incentives

(Model years 2017 - 2016)
Tesla’s ever-popular Model S is the world’s best outfitted electric vehicle.
The Model X is improved and refined for 2017, featuring many late updates that were added from the second and third production lines of 2016.

It took Tesla Motors 10 years to grow from small California startup to a major auto industry player. Operating as a niche company supplying premium electric cars, 2017 will see Tesla Motors attempt a transition into the automotive mainstream. What could be one of the most pivotal moments for the young all-electric car company since the successful Model S, Tesla Motors's Model 3 is guided towards the broader entry-level market. Set to sell at a price of roughly half of the Model S, the Model 3 sedan is said to travel at least 215 miles on a single charge. Not finished with evolutions to their Model S, Tesla has released a new P100D permitting travel range of up to 315 miles. Also available on the Model X crossover, the P100D's battery can be factory retrofitted to existing P90D Ludicrous vehicles. Reflecting a new reality, Tesla Motors has discontinued unlimited free access to their Supercharger network of charging stations. New vehicle buyers will instead be rewarded a yearly Supercharging credit of 400 kWh. Immediately relating to the existing Model S and Model X, full self-driving hardware will be built into all new Tesla models and will be fully activated in the future through software updates.