2017 BMW Deals and Incentives

Latest 2017 BMW deals and dealer incentives

(Model years 2018 - 2016)
The BMW 2 Series is an elegantly styled and decadently outfitted luxury sports coupe that’s certain to please.
The iconic 3 Series by BMW has a vested tradition in excellence, and remains a best-selling midsize luxury sedan for a long list of reasons.
BMW’s best-selling 4 Series delivers serious speed, complemented by a long list of standard and addable luxury options.
The flagship 5 Series sedan by BMW makes no exceptions. It unapologetically delivers pure luxury and performance.
BMW’s 6 Series is as impressive as it gets for luxury sports coupes.
The large BMW 7 Series sedan delivers on luxury down to the finest detail, assuring you arrive in style and comfort to your destination.
The all-electric i3 has entered the fray recently, giving Tesla a real run for its money by offering a signature take on the luxury hatchback.
The i8 is a gorgeous luxury plug-in coupe by BMW that is assured to turn heads whenever it’s taken out for a drive.
The sporty M2 coupe by BMW has always wowed with its one-of-a-kind style, amenities and performance. This year’s model is no different.
The high-performance BMW M3 leaves most other cars in the dust, while appeasing its driver with an elegant array of interior luxuries.
The BMW M4 delivers blazing speeds, and can easily match pace with some of the fastest production cars on earth.
BMW’s X1 is a refined and luxurious compact crossover SUV that’s loaded with standard features.
The BMW X4 delivers coupe styling in a curvy crossover, offering a very original take on this popular vehicle.
The sleek and stylish BMW X5 fully delivers on features and technology, and proves that big things can come in little packages.
The X5 M by BMW will take you from point A to point B in serious style and luxury, and faster than almost any other SUV on the market.
The midsized X6 by BMW merges luxury with practicality, styled after a coupe but equipped with the power and room of an SUV.
The high-performance X6 M was created to whisk you to and from your destinations in utter luxury.

Until November 30th, 2016 BMW cars and sport activity vehicles are available with 2.9 APR financing to well-qualified customers. This promotional finance rate can be applied for a term of up to 72 months. Additionally, extra value to BMW models comes in the form of an option allowance for many vehicles. Ranging from $1,500 for the 2 Series to as high as $5,000 on the 6 Series Gran Coupe, 7 Series and i8 sports car, the amount upgrades such as navigation system, Dynamic Camper Control or special wheels. These option allowances are also available through leasing 2016 BMW products. Purchasers of remaining 2016 BMW i3 or i8 electrified vehicles can access federal government tax credits. Reflecting on battery size, the income tax credit is $3,793 on the BMW i8 and $7,500 for the BMW i3. Special savings programs offered with 2016 BMW models recognizes the achievements of college and university graduations with a $1,000 bonus. Up to $3,500 in savings is available to military service members.