Used 2015 INFINITI SUV Values!

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(Model years 2018 - 1990 including exotics and classic cars)
While not as roomy as its large-sized SUV cousins, theInfiniti QX50 is a luxurious and comfortable crossover with plenty of features to love, even if you can’t haul as much cargo or people in it.
Seating for seven, a smooth ride, gorgeous interior and exterior, and a long list of amenities truly make the QX60 by Infiniti stand out from the SUV pack.
This sports-tuned crossover offers a delectable interior, serene handling, plenty of features, modern and cutting-edge technology, and a unique body style that appeases the eyes.
The QX80 is a juggernaut SUV with seating for eight, the desirable third-row, and the smoothness and drive that you’ve come to expect from a premier luxury automaker like Infiniti.

Infiniti offers a few sleek SUVs and crossovers. One is the QX50, which has V-6 power, a seven-speed automatic transmission, and available all-wheel drive. Another is the larger QX60, which has V-6 or hybrid power. The sleek QX70 loses its V-8 option. Finally, there’s the full-size, seven-seat QX80, which is refreshed. It has V-8 power and available four-wheel drive.