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Coupe 2D GT V8

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2015 Ford Mustang
NADAguides Test Drive Review

With a 5.0-liter V8, racy Recaro seats, and a six speed short shifter, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT made our reviewers want to solely eat red meat, clothe themselves in denim, and drive fast everywhere they went. If you know someone who thinks cars can’t influence the personalities of their drivers, they obviously haven’t driven the newly redesigned ‘Stang'.

Now over 50 years old, Ford’s Mustang shows no signs of slowing down in both performance and styling.

Reviewer's Notes


  • Of all the vehicles we tested this year, the Mustang is the only one that received multiple compliments from complete strangers around town; not the $90K-plus Range Rover or BMW M cars—just this pony mobile.
  • The car looks fast, sounds fast, and drives fast. From the moment the start button is pressed, it becomes abundantly clear the all-new Mustang is something special, and a great departure from previous generations spanning the past 50 years. The engine exhaust note is intoxicating and begs to be revved at least once before slotting the manual gearshift into second gear (first gear starts may result in a line of cat eyes out the driveway for the lead-footed).

Performance and Handling

  • Shifts are precise and short, however fifth and sixth gear almost serves as overdrive gears; all of the fun is between second and fourth gear.
  • With 435 horsepower and 400 pound-foot of trunk-up-rooting torque, to say the Mustang GT’s V8 delivers, “adequate” power would be an understatement (4.4-seconds from 0  -  60, according to Zero to 60 Times).
  • In an effort to improve fuel economy by reducing weight, there is no spare tire in the trunk. A tire mobility kit takes the place of a doughnut, complete with air compressor. The weight savings help the Mustang GT score an Environmental Protection Agency 15 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, and 19 mpg combined.
  • Making tight turns at speed is no longer a cause for concern in the Mustang GT. Ford has finally improved the handling by fitting the 2015 model with an all-new multi-link rear suspension. With the solid rear axle out of the way, the 20-inch Foundry black aluminum wheels  ($1,295 option) wrapped in Pirelli 265/35R20 summer tires allows the vehicle to aggressively attack both twisty roads or even the track with aplomb.

Interior and Infotainment

  • Who needs a man cave when you can sit in the cockpit of this stylish coupe and get all of the “personal time” you need? The leather interior, 12-speaker Shaker audio system (a $1,795 option) and red contrast stitching provides all of the comforts any self-proclaimed gearhead craves for serenity.
  • Shorter drivers may find the side bolsters on the Recaro seats cut into their ribs a bit on longer drives, while taller drivers (or longer torso ones) should find the $1,595 leather-wrapped buckets a must-have for staying planted in the bends. The shoulder padding of the race-inspired seats give great support, pushing the shoulders toward the steering wheel.
  • The two rear seats are tight and barely offer any legroom. While small children may find it cozy, tall adult passengers simply won’t fit due to the sloping roof. There are LATCH anchor points in the rear, however parents will want to shop narrow dimensioned booster/car seats as Ford engineers left very little width to cram in most wide-bodied child safety mounts.
  • The infotainment system, complete with voice navigation (a $795 option), is cumbersome and not as intuitive as the competition (like Fiat Chrysler’s U-Connect). That stated, Ford will be rolling out their newest, revised system (called Sync 3) in 2016 Mustang models. We’ve used it and the updated system is a huge improvement. The system available in the 2015 Mustang GT shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, however. It paired with our Android and Apple phones easily over Bluetooth, and there are USB outlets/power ports to access and charge all of your devices.

Price and Value

  • If you’re wondering how much value the 2015 Mustang GT will retain after three years, you’re in luck. According to our analysts, the previous generation (2012) Mustang GT held about 63 percent of its value after three years. Its nearest cross-shopped competitor—the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS—retained 60 percent. That puts the Mustang GT at the top of the 2012 model year sport segment value retention table as far as muscle cars go.
  • At a starting price of $36,300 before a $895 destination fee ($43,295 as tested), the 2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback is a solid offering among modern muscle cars. The multi-link rear suspension and fuel-efficient, high performance V8 are welcome enhancements to the over 50-year evolution of the Mustang’s iconic standing.




J.D. Power Rating
Overall Quality 3 / 5
Overall Quality - Mechanical
2 / 5
Powertrain Quality - Mechanical
5 / 5
Body & Interior Quality - Mechanical
2 / 5
Features & Accessories Quality - Mechanical
4 / 5
Overall Quality - Design
5 / 5
Powertrain Quality - Design
3 / 5
Body & Interior Quality - Design
3 / 5
Features & Accessories Quality - Design
5 / 5

Overall Dependability 2 / 5
Powertrain Dependability
3 / 5
Body & Interior Dependability
2 / 5
Feature & Accessory Dependability
2 / 5

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