2015 Ford Mustang Values

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2015 model year changes

The Mustang gets a full redesign for 2015, its first complete redesign in a number of years. The styling is all new, looking far more modern and far less retro than the previous two generations. Despite this, one look is all it takes to instantly identify the new car as a Mustang. For the first time in a number of decades, the Mustang will be available with a 4-cylinder power plant, helping to improve fuel efficiency. A turbo however, ensures that even the new 4-cylinder Mustang will be no slouch at the local drag strip.

Competitive comparison

Mustang mystique; powerful engines; sporty handling; improved fuel economy; modernized styling; available as a convertible

Special features for 2015

The 2015 Mustang may still have one of the most recognizable names in the automotive world, but with its latest redesign, it's become far more than just a pretty face and a familiar name. It now represents one of the best value propositions for buyers who just want the fastest car for their money. There is no longer a "slow" Mustang and a "fast" Mustang, there are just "fast" and "even faster" versions. The Mustang starts at $23,600, a price that undercuts most of its less powerful rivals, such as the Subaru BRZ. Even when optioned out beyond the $40,000 mark, the Mustang still represents a tremendous deal, with performance that excels relative to that higher price point as well.
Few sports cars can really say that they’ve got a serious claim to fame today, but the Ford Mustang is assuredly one of them. Made famous for its old-schooled muscle cars that put the carmaker on the map, in the sport car demographic, the throwback modeling of the new mustang is sexy and stylish, even if it’s made from fiberglass. Choose from five different trim levels that include: V6, V6 Premium, GT and GT Premium, and the ultra-desirable Shelby GT500. Standard, the car packs a good punch with a V6 engine that offers 3.7 liters and that boasts 305 ponies under the hood with 280 pound-feet torque (upgrade to the Shelby GT500 and you get an insane V8 5.0-liter engine that has 420 ponies under the hood at 390 pound-feet of torque). Base, the car comes with 17” wheels, slip rear differential (limited), four-speaker sound system and keyless entry with bright xenon headlamps. Upgrade the trim to get things like a sporty and accent stitched leather interior, larger wheels, eight-speaker sound system, rear spoiler and GPS touchscreen console. Few cars offer as much speed and as many amenities for the price of the Mustang, a car many call the king of modern day muscle cars. With this many options to consider, there are many reasons to hail the king.