2015 Chevrolet Camaro Values

Select a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro trim level

2015 model year changes

Chevrolet adds a new trim level to the Camaro for 2015. The track ready Z28 trim transforms the Camaro from a powerful muscle car into a true sports car. Numerous modifications have been made to the Camaro chassis ensuring that the Z28 handles and stops as well as it goes. A new high performance naturally aspirated engine from the old Corvette Z06 powers the Z28 and being a focused performance machine, the only transmission available is a 6-speed manual. The Z28 trim slots in above the more powerful, but less focused ZL1 at the top of the Camaro hierarchy.

Competitive comparison

Strong acceleration; great handling; muscle-car look and feel; daring design inside and out; good highway efficiency

Special features for 2015

The Chevrolet Camaro is a modern take on GM's legendary muscle-car, offering strong rear-wheel-drive performance in a low coupe or convertible body style. Relative to the other pony cars like the Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger, the Camaro performs athletically, although it gives up some outward visibility for the chunky, bold design. The performance standout of the model line remains the Camaro SS Coupe. Camaro Convertibles are a strong value as well and provide a different sort of fun. Some drivers wanting performance approaching that of high-end exotics, will be tempted by the ZL1 which provides outrageous horsepower numbers. While pricy among Camaros, it's faster than cars costing two or three times as much.
The hiatus has ended for the Camaro, following a 10-year dry spell. The redesigned front grille is sexy, as are the new headlamps and taillights. When thinking about a Camaro, it’s impossible not to veer right towards the Z/28, the most popular racecar ever made by Chevrolet. Newer weight-reduction methods have been put into place as have sports-tuned suspension, noise-reduction materials and high-friction absorbent ceramic racing brakes. Several engine choices are available, but for all sports car lovers out there, we’ll stick to the most enticing option: the Z/28’s 7.0-liter V8 engine that churns out a breathtaking 500 horses at 470 pound-feet of torque that’s offered in the manual transmission only. The car comes with a touchscreen console that links to your smartphone and also provides GPS navigation, apps and streaming music with sluggish responsiveness. The oversized front seats are suiting, but the back seats are so small it’s a wonder anyone but kids could fit in them. A squished trunk only offers a meager 11.3 cubic feet of storage space. Truth is, nobody buys a Camaro because they want roomy back seats or lots of trunk space; they buy it because it’s one of the fastest cars on the road.