2015 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Values

Select a 2015 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe trim level

2015 model year changes

Following a complete redesign in 2014, the 2015 Cadillac CTS receives a few minor updates. The company's crest has been revised and the CTS features the new crest without the wreath seen in the past. Inside, the CTS is now WiFi-capable and includes 4G LTE connectivity, along with DockSpot, which is an inductive charging system for mobile devices. Finally, the automatic parking assist now includes a perpendicular parking feature.

Competitive comparison

Luxurious; spacious; powerful engines; good handling; packed with new technology

Special features for 2015

The Cadillac CTS is a mid-sized luxury sedan in competition with the 5-series BMW and the Mercedes Benz C-Class. Through extensive use of technology and chassis design, Cadillac is hoping to please both those looking for a pure luxury car and those who want a little bit more sport with their upscale sedan.
If the CTS Coupe wasn’t fast enough for you, and if you really suffer from “lead foot syndrome” like no other, look to the CTS-V coupe instead. This high-performance road hog won’t disappoint in the least bit. The supercharged V8 engine makes a jaw-dropping 556 horsepower, enough to take on just about any other sports car on the road today (and likely win). With a zero-to-60 of about four seconds flat, it’s a car to be reckoned with. Only one trim level is offered for this four-passenger beast (the two rear passengers had better be children, because the low roofline and minimal room make it nearly impossible to fit adults in the back). 19” wheels come standard with high performance tires, Brembo braking system and adaptive suspension that’s actually controlled by magnets. The fancy xenon headlights also have their own rain-sensing wipers, helping you see better during stormy weather. Keyless entry and remote start, two-zone air conditioning with automatic climate control, Bluetooth functions, Bose premium 10-speaker sound system and Cadillac’s signature CUE infotainment are all added interior pluses. Upgrade to the Sport Blue Interior package to replace the cheap-looking faux-leather with a far superior sued trim that features blue leather and real wood interior trim. Going so fast while looking so sleek never felt so good.