2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Values

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2015 model year changes

For 2015, Bentley have upgraded the GT Speed version of the Continental, giving the car a slight bump in power as well as several aesthetic tweaks. The front of the car gets a slightly reworked bumper, while wheels and headlight surrounds are a little darker. The interior also includes more two tone options, further setting the GT Speed apart from its less powerful siblings. New to the lineup in 2015 is the GT3 R version of the Continental. It is much racier than any of the other Continentals in the lineup, with a unique green and white color scheme. Based on the GT3 race car, the GT3 R is also the most powerful V8 Continental sold. Only the 12-cylinder GT Speed is faster and more powerful.

Competitive comparison

Supercar-quick; no compromises to comfort; reasonable gas mileage (V8 models); all-weather traction; pleasant top-down in optional convertible; hand-crafted look of interior trims

Special features for 2015

The Bentley Continental is part personal luxury coupe, part performance-oriented grand-tourer--and the specific combination of those traits depends largely on whether one opts for GT models or the edgier GT Speed. Bentleys are built to specification, with a long list of factory options, upgrades and trims, in addition to a bespoke program that lets buyers entirely customize the look, the only limit, is imagination, taste and budget. Regardless of materials or trims, the level of detail and craftsmanship is well above that of most other luxury cars.
The gorgeous and head-turning Continental GT V8 S lives true to the Bentley moniker. It’s fast. It’s sleek. And its interior is like a presidential palace. The new sports-tuned S version features smoother handling, improved suspension (aluminum double wishbone suspension on the front wheels and trapezoidal multi-link on the rear wheels), with air bags that automatically self-level for added safety. A sport-tuned and magnificently audacious twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine that makes 521-horsepower with 502 pounds-torque purrs like a tiger when in motion. In short: it’s one sexy, fast and affluent ride. The dual (upper and lower) front mesh grilles in black complement the glossy black mirrors and side skirts, topped off with a signature rear diffuse. 17 different hide colors can be chosen for your interior trim selections. A large touchscreen master control panel also understands vocal commands, runs your smartphone, and has GPS and even rolling Wi-Fi. These are just a few of the hundreds of features that you’ll enjoy for the meager price tag of $200,000. Bentley’s have never come cheap, but a handmade beauty like this is worth it if you have deep enough pockets.