Used 2015 Audi Crossover Values

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(Model years 2018 - 1970 including exotics and classic cars)
New for 2015, the much anticipated Audi Q3 aims to make a dent in the compact luxury SUV crossover demographic by boasting a wide array of features and an uncanny driving experience.
Punchy, agile, sleek and curvaceous, the Audio Q5 assuredly won’t disappoint. Optional turbo-charged engine, and plenty of room in the cabin with a smooth ride, makes this one delectably luxurious mid-sized SUV.
A high-performance sedan that’s stacked with amenities and signature Audio features graces the S3 for 2015.
One of the faster, nimbler and more luxurious crossover SUVs you will ever drive, the Audi SQ5 is speedy, accommodating and roomy. Move over wagons and large-sized sedans, there’s a new kid in town.

For 2015, Audi rolled out the brand-new Q3 small luxury crossover SUV. The 2015 A8 was next on the list, being restyled and now offering standard LED headlamps. A head-up display and new LED headlamps were added to the S7, while the RS 7 also got a new head-up display. A completely redesigned A3 graced showroom floors boasting a new four-door body that replaced its old hatchback style, as well as new two-door convertible. Lastly, the R8 now offered a Limited Edition V10 Competition Coupe that delivered a whopping 570 horsepower.