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The BMW i3 is a brand-new car from BMW that goes on sale in North America later this year. BMW's bold concept car has made it to production with relatively few changes to its design, and the final product definitely has a look inspired by science fiction.

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Small footprint; electric drivetrain; efficient usage of space; good driving dynamics; full of cutting-edge technology

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The BMW i3 is part of the new wave of electric and hybrid cars that are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. The i3 has relatively compact external dimensions, but still has a very usable cabin with surprising amounts of interior space. Standard equipment levels are high and the i3 generally aims to compete in the compact premium segment, offering buyers plenty of luxury features in a car that is perhaps a little smaller than the traditional luxury cars of old. Of course, the electric drivetrain is what really separates the i3 from its competitors. In standard guise, it offers a combination of usable range and remarkably fast charging times. With the optional range extender, the system offers functionality similar to other hybrid cars on the market such as the Volt or the Prius. Unlike those vehicles however, the i3 uses its range extending gasoline engine exclusively as a generator and the drive wheels remain powered only by electricity. The i3 starts at under $42,000, while versions equipped with a range extender start at around $45,000.
The first of two vehicles planned as part of BMW’s new sub brand, the 2014 BMW i3 is a highly distinctive premium compact car. Carbon fiber construction is used to shape the 2014 BMW i3’s passenger cell for structural rigidity and weight saving. The use of aluminum and magnesium in creating chassis components as well as support pieces allows the 2014 BMW i3 to weigh as little as 2,635 pounds. The all-electric model of the 2014 BMW i3 is powered by synchronous electric motor providing the equivalent of 170 horsepower of energy from a lithium-ion battery pack. In everyday driving, range for the zero-emission BMW i3 is rated at up to 100 miles. In addition to the all-electric model, a range extender-equipped version of the 2014 BMW i3 will also be available. The BMW i3 Range Extender version adds a 647 cc two-cylinder gasoline engine allowing the vehicle’s driving range to be lengthened to up to 185 miles. LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, hands-free phone and Park Distance Control with rear-mounted sensors are some standard features included on the 2014 BMW i3. A fully automatic Parking Assistant and BMW Online Entertainment Concierge Services are offered as an option on the 2014 i3.