2010 Lotus Exige Values

2010 model year changes

For 2010, the Exige S models get a new rear wing design, along with new front-end styling. The lineup remains two models--the S 240 and the race-focused S 260.

Competitive comparison

Agility and sheer grip; astonishing straight-line acceleration; race-ready yet street-legal

Special features for 2010

Closely related to the Elise roadster, the Lotus Exige S is a solid-roof racing-oriented sports car that shines on the track, with excellent grip, handling, braking and overall athletic ability--along with straight-line acceleration that's on par with much more expensive exotics. It's very much a street legal race car, with few compromises that mean all but a small group of enthusiasts will be deterred from everyday driving. Considering that--and the Exige's very cramped interior quarters--very few will end up in driveways but more than a few will do plenty of weekend track time.

Select a 2010 Lotus Exige trim level

With only minor style updates for the new year, the 2010 Lotus Exige maintains its wide array of colors and minimal options. This two-door, two passenger RWD sports car has a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 240 hp from its 6-speed manual transmission. The EPA-estimated fuel economy is estimated at a reasonable 20 mpg city/27 mpg highway. Daytime running lights, keyless entry, driver and passenger airbags along with a tire pressure monitoring system are a few of the standard features.