2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Values

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2010 model year changes

There are no major changes to the Gallardo LP560s from the 2009 lineup. New this year will be the limited edition Valentino Balboni coupe, named after the man who has been at Lamborghini for more than four decades and who was instrumental in designing the Gallardo. Only 250 of these coupes will be produced for 2010 and will be available with rear-wheel drive only, in an effort to bring back some of the glory of bygone racing days.

Competitive comparison

An ultimate luxury racing car with futuristic styling and aerodynamic design; top-tier V10 engine design and performance; interior is more cockpit than automobile; limited-edition Valentino Balboni coupe available for 2010; All-wheel drive is standard

Special features for 2010

Since its introduction, the Gallardo has been one of the most recognizable--and best-designed cars built. The price for this level of automotive supremacy starts high--plan to spend at least $200,000 for a Gallardo. But that money buys performance that is virtually unmatched at any price.
The 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo is a two-passenger, ultra-exclusive high-performance sports car which is available as a coupe or a convertible. The Gallardo is fitted with AWD on both versions, as denoted by the 4 at the end of the LP560 trim designation. Power is provided by a 5.2L V10 engine that produces 553 hp for the coupe, or 560 hp for the convertible, and 398 lb-ft of torque, which is fed through a six-speed manual or six-speed paddle-shifted automatic e-gear transmission. Keep an eye out later this year for the limited-edition LP560-2 which is RWD only, an homage to their long time factory test driver, Valentino Balboni.