2010 Bentley Brooklands Values

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2010 model year changes

Only 550 examples of the Brooklands will ever be built, so place your order now. As a result, the Brooklands continues unchanged for 2010.

Competitive comparison

Limited production guarantees exclusivity; fully loaded with luxury items; a solid Bentley that offers the best of British motoring

Special features for 2010

The value to be found in a $340,990 price tag is in the standard features, such as the afore-mentioned heated, massaging seats, 20-inch wheels, a choice of interior wood veneers, satellite navigation, aquaplane detection, two valet keys and two umbrellas. The EPA rated fuel economy is 10 mpg in the city and 14 mpg on the highway. It is not inexpensive, but that kind of money buys a limited-edition, fully evolved, meticulously refined, ultra-powerful supercar--unavailable anywhere else.
Ending a three-year limited run for this special edition vehicle, the 2010 Bentley Brooklands encapsulates richness within its 213 inch long frame weighing 5,855 pounds. Built as a two-door luxury coupe engineered to provide the finest in comfort and performance, the 2010 Bentley Brooklands generous use of stainless steel as well as high torsional steel. Posh 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels completes the exterior look of the 2010 Brooklands. Employing a variety of optional wood veneers at no extra cost to the buyer, the 2010 Bentley Brooklands interior seats 4 in absolute luxury. Front seats are heated leather incorporating massage with fluted hide sport seats available. Park Distance Control, Bluetooth telephone system and satellite navigation are found within the 2010 Brooklands coupe's interior. Twin customized umbrellas are also found in the luggage compartment of the Bentley Brooklands. Rear-view camera and an Alpine premium stereo system with a 6-disc CD changer is optional add-ons to the 2010 Bentley Brooklands. Launching the large two-door coupe, a 6.8 liter twin-turbocharged V-8 pumps out 530 horsepower and 774 pounds-feet of torque. Amply powered, the 2010 Brooklands offers a top speed of 184 miles per hour.