Used 2009 Honda Crossover Values!

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A top seller that makes sense, the 2009 Honda CR-V five-door SUV is safe, agile and ergonomically friendly.
An entry-level crossover SUV, the 2009 Honda Element is a solid blend of design appeal and reliability which appeals to a large audience of car shoppers.
The smallest in the lineup, The 2009 Honda Fit is an affordable subcompact with generous appointments.
With room for plenty of cargo and refined interior storage, the redesigned 2009 Honda Pilot is a midsize crossover SUV providing comfortable utility.

2009 Honda Values & Prices: Honda, in 2009, continued to offer the Honda S2000 sports car. Styling updates were made to the Civic, Element, Fit, and 2009 Ridgeline. A major recall has been made for 2009 Fit's due to issues with flawed an engine springs, a problem experienced in over 690,000 units.