Used 2009 Audi Sedan Values!

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(Model years 2018 - 1970 including exotics and classic cars)
A small sporty car, the 2009 Audi A3 is the entry-point for the luxury that Audi offers throughout its lineup.
Available as a 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon or 2-door convertible, the 2009 Audi A4 features a long list of luxury appointments.
Sporty and luxury work together in the 2009 Audi A6, a full-size car that bridges the gap between the midsize A4 and the large A8 and is available either as a sedan or wagon (Avant).
For the driver who wants uncompromising luxury without sacrificing performance, the 2009 Audi A8 sedan is the perfect choice.
The 2009 Audi A8L is a sedan for the driver who enjoys luxury, without sacrificing power, peformance and leg room.
A four-door full-size sports sedan, the 2009 Audi S6 packs a powerful punch with its potent V10 engine, yet it is as comfortable and luxurious as you would expect from Audi.
A luxury sport sedan, the 2009 Audi S8 blends speed, style and sophistication into one pleasing package.

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