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2008 model year changes

The Smart fortwo, a model that has found a loyal following among European city-dwellers, is available in the U.S. for the first time for 2008 in two different body styles, a coupe and a convertible (Cabriolet).

Competitive comparison

Quirky styling unlike any other vehicle; easy maneuverability and parking; low price; fuel efficiency.

Special features for 2008

There's nothing else like the 2008 Smart fortwo available in the U.S. The Smart's design makes a strong style statement, and with an unbelievably short total length of 106 inches it will fit into small gaps in traffic and park with ease in even the tightest spots. Fuel economy is a definite selling point, too, especially for city-street commuters. The Cabriolet is now the lowest-priced convertible available in the United States.
The all new 2008 Smart fortwo was designed with a very specific purpose in mind – to shuttle you quickly and easily through congested city streets while using virtually no fuel to do it. Forget cushy highway driving – the fortwo was made for getting in and out of tight spaces in an economically-minded hurry. This unique little two-seater is offered in two body styles – the Hatchback and the Convertible – in Pure and Passion trims, depending on the configuration. It boasts EPA estimates in the 33 City/40 Highway range with its 70 horsepower 1.0-liter inline 3-cylinder.