2008 MINI Cooper Clubman Values

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2008 model year changes

All new for 2008, the Clubman represents the third model line for the MINI brand. Designed to exhibit all the handling characteristics of the highly revered Cooper, the Clubman is built on the same platform with a three-inch longer wheelbase and six-inch longer rear overhang. The lengthened body does little to diminish what can best be described as go-kart-like handling, but does translate to more comfortable seating for rear passengers and a larger, more practical cargo area. Standard and optional equipment mirror those of the Cooper and Cooper S hatchbacks, so with a slightly higher base price, one gets all the fun of a regular Cooper in a more user-friendly package.

Competitive comparison

Same maneuverability, more practicality; bigger, but still MINI.

Special features for 2008

Few cars come as close to conveying the pure joy of driving like a MINI. From the more practical base model to the thrill-a-minute S, and with virtually every conceivable option under the sun available, the MINI Clubman can be ordered to suit virtually any driver. And though their price may seem high for what these cars are, try to find a MINI driver who regrets the purchase.

COOPER-4 Cyl.-5/6 Spd.

Wagon 3D Clubman
Wagon 3D Clubman S
All new for 2008, the MINI Cooper Clubman is a Wagon version sibling to the standard two door Coupe. It’s offered in base and S models, with engines ranging from a 118 horsepower 1.6-liter 4-cylinder to a 172 horsepower 1.6-liter 4-cylinder in the S. The Clubman can be equipped with seating for up to four or five depending on your preference. In addition to unique styling that’s become a fan favorite with young and old alike, the Cooper Clubman comes equipped with a nice list of standard equipment, including auto climate control, cruise, air, keyless entry, navigation and ABS.