2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic Hybrid Values

Select a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic Hybrid trim level

2007 model year changes

A completely redesigned GMC Sierra is also on sale for 2007, but the previous-generation Sierra models continue for one last model year, with these models given the "Classic" label to distinguish them from the new versions. This older, respected design, like the new Silverado, still comes in many different combinations of cab styles, bed lengths, and V6 and V8 engines, including the high-tech Hybrid model and top-luxury Denali.

Competitive comparison

Value; quality reputation; towing and hauling ability; fuel-saving Hybrid model; luxurious Denali.

Special features for 2007

Now that an all-new GMC Sierra lineup is stealing the limelight for the 2007 model year, the older "Classic" Sierra models are still offered, though at prices that are quite a bit lower than comparable new Sierra models. Depending on your needs, if you don't mind going without the flashy new versions, going with a Classic could give a significantly better deal.


Extended Cab SLE Hybrid 2WD
Extended Cab SLE Hybrid 4WD
On a limited basis in all fifty states, the Sierra 1500 Hybrid offers a 5.3Liter V8 engine that produces 295HP along with a 14,000-watt generator that works together with the engine to increase fuel economy by 10%. An electric motor replaces the conventional starter and alternator creates an almost seamless transition from gas to electric power, and is available in SLT1 or SLT2 trim in either two or four-wheel-drive.