2006 Maverick Boat Co Values, Specs and Prices

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These are custom made-to-order boats. The values represented are for boats with basic equipment.

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(*)Includes the value of the outboard motor.
(Model years 2017 - 1985)
Building their first Maverick 18 shallow water fishing boats in the 1980s, Florida-based Maverick Boat Company would rapidly grow a reputation connected to durable, high-quality fiberglass vessels. Featuring center console cockpits and outboard motor power, the vessel created by Maverick Boat Company are designed around a design promoting lightness as well as quiet water travel. Watercraft conforming to the guidelines of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, each Maverick Boat Company vessels are customized to the preference of individual anglers. Optional features available on Maverick Boat Company products include assorted hull colors and hydraulic tilt steering.