2002 Playbuoy Pontoon Mfg Power Boat Prices and Values

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Playbuoy Pontoon Mfg Note

No longer in production. For information prior to 1991, see Arp Corp.

(2005 - 1991)
A brand name utilized by pontoon boat builder Arp Corporation from 1977 to 1990, Playbuoy would emerge the company’s name in 1991. Building vessels ranging in lengths between 12 and 28 feet in length, Playbuoy Pontoon Manufacturing created recreational watercraft ideal for fishing or partying on the water. After 2005, the Playbuoy Pontoon Manufacturing company name changed to Avalon Pontoon Boats. Playbuoy Pontoon Manufacturing Windjammer and Tropic line of vessels continues to be manufactured by Avalon Pontoon Boats.