1997 Sumerset Houseboats Power Boat Prices and Values

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Sumerset Houseboats Note

No longer in production. These were custom made-to-order houseboats. Some values may need to be adjusted higher for excessively equipped houseboats. 1999 information not available. No weight information available.

(1997 - 1997)
Recognized as a premier name in the fostering of long-term, water-based living, Sumerset Houseboats drove innovation in the marine industry niche. A pioneer in the use of aluminum hull in 1975, Sumerset Houseboats quickly became a popular choice for durability as well as comfort. From 65 to 90 feet in length, the vessels of Sumerset Houseboats are accompanied with cabins featuring uncompromised living. Modern Sumerset Houseboats feature the endorsement of NMMA certification proving that each houseboat produced would adhere to high standards in reliability and safety.