1994 Spectrum/Brunswick Power Boat Prices and Values

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Spectrum/Brunswick Note

For information after 1996, see Fisher. For information prior to 1994, see Blue Fin Ind/Spectrum.

Model Note

(*)Includes the value of the outboard motor. (**)Includes the value of the trailer. (***)Includes the value of the outboard motor and trailer.

(1996 - 1994)
Building aluminum fishing boat and pontoon watercraft since the 1970s, Spectrum was acquired by Brunswick for a brief time during the 1990s. Spectrum/Brunswick products ranged from 10 to 24 feet in length created for the recreational marine market. With the parent company shutting down the Indiana boat plant in 1996, the Spectrum/Brunswick product line was discontinued. Brunswick promptly sold the Spectrum and Fisher brand names to Tracker Marine.