1993 Rampage Yachts Values, Specs and Prices

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Rampage Yachts Note

No products produced from 1996 - 1999. The values represented are for boats with basic equipment. Some values may need to be adjusted higher for excessively equipped boats. N/A due to limited resale activity.
(Model years 2015 - 1985)
Building large sport fishing yachts since 1985, Rampage Yachts is a Wisconsin-based marine company owned by KCS International. Rampage Yachts are distinguished by their use of a unique deep or modified V hull giving the company’s vessels comfort and control. Building boats between 24 and 49 feet in length, Rampage Yachts products offers considerable room for multi-day sport fishing trips. Rampage Yachts boasts a high level of luxury that can include flat-screen televisions and teak wood flooring.