1979 Mfg Boat Co Sailboat Prices and Values

Note: Manufacturer note(s): No longer in production.

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(1980 - 1971)
Founded in 1948, the Molded Fiber Glass (Mfg) Boat Company was an Ohio-based manufacturer that operated until the beginning of the 1980s. Entering the marine business only after the Mfg Boat Company failed to attract a contract from another marine brand, the marine builder proceeded to assemble a multitude of fiberglass powerboats and sailing crafts. Featuring boats ranging between 14 and 25 feet in length, Mfg Boat Company products have been widely distributed through chains such as the department store Sears. An early and successful pioneer in the construction of fiberglass boats, General Motors contracted Mfg Boat Company to fabricate the bodies for the first Chevrolet Corvettes in 1953.